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InVinci Wallcovering combines fresh, sometimes unexpected design elements with classic motifs to create stylish wallcoverings that will stand the test of time for any interior space.

From subtle textile effects to dramatic finishes, this new, expanded collection offers the right aesthetics to realize your design vision. Choose from a wide variety of patterns with inspired multi-color effects and different inks in matte and metallic to create unique finishes. Custom options are available to create a unique design for each project.

Invinci Wallcovering is a collection of Versa Designed Surfaces. Their ecological vision for the wallcovering market places an emphasis on sustainable materials, waste reduction and environmental impact.

Why Vinyl wallcovering?

Vinyl wallcovering is very interesting for projects where walls have to be able to take a beating.

Vinyl can be applied optically seamlessly, has a high tear and tensile strength, is resistant to scratches and impacts and offers protection against stains. Vinyl is a sustainable option because it lacks formaldehyde and/or heavy metals. The material is, of course, fire-retardant, light and colourproof, making vinyl an excellent choice for your project.

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