Abitex from Manzano (UD) – Italy is part of the Aurim group from Padova. Aurim houses several textile companies, each with its own signature. Aurim also owns its own production facilities within Italy and thus produces upholstery fabrics in-house. The fabrics are stocked in the giant warehouse in Padova, from where they are delivered all over the world, in coupages if required.

Abitex specialises particularly in upholstery fabrics and artificial leather intended for the project market.

What particularly characterises the Abitex collection is its great versatility. Synthetic fabrics alternate with articles made of natural yarns such as wool and cotton. Velour fabrics, area fabrics, fine frises, uni fabrics and matching jacquards in contemporary colour schemes can be found here. State-of-the-art yarn technologies are used, developed in collaboration with other industries within Italy.

This led, among other things, to the development of a range of fabrics woven from 100% recyclable yarn.

The variety of products allows them to be used in almost all areas of the project market. hospitality, healthcare, office, marine: fabrics and artificial leather are available for all areas.

All products are tested and certified for flame retardancy, high abrasion resistance, pilling, light fastness. Also Oekotex-100 and production according to REACH guidelines, are aspects related to Abitex’s collection in terms of sustainability.

Abitex’s website makes it very easy for visitors to find all information regarding a product.

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